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We want to protect against phone fraud!

Millions of people have lost their money because of fraud on the telephone. This type of scam usually ranges from a few dollars to their life savings and will do anything just to cheat people out of money. Some people will start off being friendly, they will begin a small talk, call you by your first name, and ask more about your personal information such as lifestyle and family. They will claim that they are working for a certain company that you trust or they might send you e-mails and texts that will eventually convince you to call them. It is most likely a scam whenever you are being pressured into giving up any personal information such as the number of your credit card or your social security number.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre is one of the leading central fraud data repositories and it is the national anti-fraud call center of Canada. The organization was built last January 1993, located in North Bay, Ontario, and is cooperatively operated by the Competition Bureau, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the Ontario Provincial Police. The official order or commission of the CAFC is to institute legal proceedings against individuals in Quebec and Ontario that are involved in the telemarketing fraud under the Criminal Code.

In our world today, the order is now inclusive of receiving complaints and gathering intelligence on identity theft, mass marketing fraud, telemarketing frauds, and deceptive marketing practices. Once they have received it, the CAFC will now analyze the entire data thoroughly, disperse victim evidence, documentation, statistics, and prepare necessary reports for other law enforcement agencies across the United States and in Canada.

The CAFC has the power to provide awareness and educate people regarding telemarketing and fraud prevention in order to avoid any kind of victimization in the future. It is very important for people to be extra careful about how they share sensitive information particularly online or through phone calls. Protect yourself from identity theft and telemarketing frauds by avoiding sharing your social security number or credit card information over the phone. You can also destroy unnecessary documents that contain your personal information.

Everyone is a potential target of fraud. They are often exaggerated when it comes to using services and products as bait. Once you receive a call from a person that you do not know, it is best for you to decline their offer. Always better to be safe than sorry.

What are WhitePages?

While the majority of us may be somewhat familiar with online scams and frauds, not many may be familiar with scams that happen over the phone. This has primarily been because of a significant amount of work that's been done in the online arena when it comes to tackling this kind of fraudulent behavior. While this has also been the case with phone scams, quite a significant amount of people still fall for the scams. Because of that, many people have seen it as a profitable enough enterprise to warrant breaking the law to make a living this way.

Similar to the digital world, there have been a variety of efforts to stem this, however, with Whitepages being one of the more prominent ways that this has been done. That being said, many people aren't familiar with what these are, as well as just how they can help them. However, that shouldn't be the case as the Seattle-based company has been at the forefront of tackling fraud in a variety of different forms over the past several years. The company essentially works as an online directory that fraud screening and identity verification for an extensive amount of businesses.

On top of this, Whitepages also offers users a significant amount of information when it comes to the likes of public record background checks, and several other services. Since being founded, the company has grown to become the largest provider of information on United States-based businesses and individuals. However, that doesn't mean that the company has operated without influence from those it provides information on. In contrast, Whitepages works with all of the businesses and individuals that it contains information on to ensure that everything is accurate and up to date. Over the past two decades, the company has been able to expand significantly, going from what was initially a hobby to a national provider.

What are YellowPages?

The All-New Yellow Pages In The Modern and Digital World

For a time, the Yellow Pages was the go-to source for information about local businesses. It has been around since the 1800s and since the name was not trademarked, numerous versions later filled the sale roles in more than 100 countries all over the world. The Yellow Pages is a Yellow book that contains contact details of every business in the city arranged in alphabetical order.

But, the Internet happened and finding information about your local store could be easily found through various search engines like Google. The digital world offers a faster and more convenient way to access the information that you get by picking up your phone and calling the business establishment several decades ago. The Yellow Pages slowly faded in the background. However, like any business, it needs to adapt in order to survive and survive it did.

The Yellow Pages in the Digital World

The management of Yellow Pages in the past years has been working so hard to restructure and reinvent the brand to be relevant in the digital age. The new version available to everybody has three major functions namely digital business listings, CMS and web hosting, and digital advertising. Digital Listings Business

The new Yellow Pages manages a massive library of landing pages for the business that have digital listings with them. This digital listing is the digital adaptation of the yellow books that our parents and our younger selves depended during the 20th century. These landing pages are like Google Business, which shows the business’ contact details, address, and many others.

CMS and Web Hosting

Yellow Pages right now also offers web design service packages. These packages adapt the concept behind Content Management Platform like WordPress and Squarespace, however, there is a catch. Instead of owning the domain or website, the packages are intended to be like a rental system. Should you decide to discontinue the service, you will also lose the website of your business.

Digital Advertising

The new Yellow Pages also offers a list of digital advertising services like paid digital ads or SEM, print advertising, citations and listings management, and direct mail campaigns.

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